Extreme Nutrition


I have 15 years experience as a professional coach at an
elite level, from transformation coaching to athlete
prep for competitions.

no matter if you’re a dedicated athlete
that’s been training for years or
a beginner just starting out,

I can help!

All-in-one app
All-in-one app
All-in-one app



Your meal plan is customised based on your goal and preferences. I will of course take into consideration things such as allergies, time for cooking, money for grocery shopping and more.



With my coaching you will receive a fully personal and flexible training plan that is sustainable and fits your current level and lifestyle. I will make sure the program you get will fit your level and take into consideration injuries.



You get your own online VIP-Client page where I will ask you to do regular check-ins, adjusting your plans based on your results and progress ensuring constant results and helping you reach your full potential.



You can contact me 24/7, directly through my app. I will regularly help with any questions you have, whilst providing tips and motivation to push you towards achieving your goal.

I have helped 1000’s of clients

across the world

I walk
I walk
I walk


As a 3 times British Champion and International Bodybuilder, celebrity and transformation coach.
Coach Stephen performing a back row with a barbell
Coach Stephen posing during a competition



Coach Stephen Exercising on a Pull Back Exercise Machine
In my journey as an athlete, professional and celebrity coach, I have learnt if you want to reach the highest levels in your sport or transformation journey, you can’t do it alone. So, join the Extreme Nutrition Prep Coach – high performance team and let’s get you going towards creating a new you!

Let’s Walk the Walk